check   the medical assessments of your child
get to know   a baby's development stages
choose   a reliable source of information and a harmonious growth

    web platform

    investigation guidelines

    you will know when you have to book an appointment to your doctor for a consultation/vaccine or when certain analyses should be made

    development stages

    you can tick each development stage of your baby

    medical history

    a consult will not be constrained anymore by a medical record kept on paper

    about us

    dada baby is an application meant to act as a pediatric assistant for parents, developed due to need of providing a reliable source of information regarding healthy development of children under five. Tested and medically endorsed, dada baby helps you become a better and worriless parent.

    dada baby grants you access to a complete set of guidelines regarding your child's development, medical investigations and medical history.

    Your child will harmoniously grow and you will not have to rely anymore on incomplete and dangerous information available on the internet.


    dada baby will make the task of being a parent seem easy, even if it is your first child


    dada baby We will help lower the risk of sickening among children by supporting a healthy development, vaccines and regular medical investigations

    involvement We wish future generations be healthier and bring a positive impact to the world. In order to achieve this we must today bring our contribution for a harmonious development of the future generations. We will be by parents' side, making their life easier, so that they can enjoy all the moments with their little ones.
    collaboration Bearing in mind the fact that throughout a child's development a constant communication between the parent and the pediatrician is required we built this application so as to help the little ones. The parent will respect the guidelines whereas the pediatrician will monitor each development stage.
    simplicity We value simplicity and comfort. We provide the parents all the information they need in a friendly, easy to understand, manner.